Friday, February 17, 2006

Olympic Update Day 7 - Detour!

When we left off yesterday, I was pondering the possibility of having to rip out the entire top portion of the sweater for a massive redesign. Faced with an evening of mattress stitch, kitchnering and other seaming delights, it was safe to say that chocolate was in order. Thank goodness for brownies.

Behold. The fruits of my labor (and I'm not kidding here folks, I don't know why I didn't knit the darn sleeves in the round, but it would have saved me a fair bit of mattress stitching - I hate mattress stitching). Ignore the blurriness and the smears on the mirror. It was past midnight. This is what happens when I don't get to start my knitting/seaming until close to 9pm. Once I mattress stitched the sleeves, I set to kitchnering them onto the shoulders. All I can say is I'm going to be needing a lot of fortitude when I get to kitchnering the bottom to the top of the sweater....I suppose I ought to be thankful the darn seem won't fall right across the midline of my bust! And in case you're wondering, the reason it took so many hours to seam, is because I had to do each set in sleeve twice. *sigh* I hadn't pulled the seam together tight enough the first time and it looked sloppy.

Things are looking much better now, if I do say so myself. the shoulder seam actually goes over to my shoulder. I'm thinking with the added weight, the collar should settle (I'm holding onto the bottom of the sweater in the photo to the left). The button also seems to help tame it's unruly behavior. Don't mind the wrinkle in the fabric - that's simply due to my arm being elevated to take the photo!

And just because I'm so much more pleased with how it's looking, here's a closeup of the collar detail and the button. I couldn't decide on a round button or an oblong one, and I'm not yet opposed to going shopping for anther one. This particular button is made of wood and has some neat design on the lower portion of it. It does tend to stand out though...perhaps a more unobtrusive one is in order. I am fond of the organic look of that button though - what say you?

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