Friday, February 17, 2006

Eeek! Knitter Down!

In a freak accident and a run-in with ridiculous sharp cutlery (I strongly believe in ridiculously sharp cutlery, and the ensuing accident was purely the fault of the user) and an apple, I've managed to sustain injury to my index and middle fingers!

Let me tell you that running up and down stairs while bleeding like a stuck pig with a pair of cats hot on ones heels is not recommended. I'm pleased to report that with some firm pressure and elevation, the bleeding was contained and the knitting should be safe.

Generally, an injury to my left hand wouldn't cause me much distress, but I both knit and draft with my left hand...and boy, have I got knitting to do! I'm on a mission to finish the sweater early so I can attempt to take a swing at another Pirate Hat...

Oh, in case you're wondering, that *is* indeed a piece of cake being used as a stitchmarker. It's an official Amyville Creation :) - it's in the Blue Moon Cafe collection.

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Oiyi said...

I hope your fingers heal fast. Take care.