Sunday, February 19, 2006

Olympic Update - Days 8, 9 & 10!

First I want to say thanks to those of you who have inquired after my poor fingers. The good news is they are well on their way to recovery, though for my own sanity, when I'm working with fiber, I wear a bandage over the cut on the middle finger. It really probably looked a lot worse to me when it happened simply because it didn't seem to want to stop bleeding. A day under a bandaid and it's well on the way to recovery :)

Day 8 was a slow day, with not much more than the bottom ribbing being complete. That twisted ribbing goes even slower than regular ribbing does...and of course, things were even slower with the bandaged finger!

Day 9 flew by with speedy progress with PBS cooking shows and a mid afternoon nap to boost energy, I completed the bottom of the body (adding some length and a tiny bit of waist shaping) and began on the grafting! The grafting was going even slower than the twisted rib, but at least I seem to have managed to memorize how to graft properly. By midnight, I had only managed to complete half the grafting before having to put things away so I could get some sleep!

Day 10 - a day of accomplishment! I actually managed to finish the sweater - in record time! The remainder of the grafting was completed in the evening, with a little bit of difficulty in the last couple of stitches (I had a little bit of finagling to do to get the end of the grafting to join with the beginning bits). I managed to cobble it together by doing something akin to duplicate stitching. Anyhow, a photo of the finished sweater can be found over here!

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illanna said...

Your sweater is stunning, and it must be super luscious made out of Optimum. I love the color, too. You did a great job, and you should win a gold medal for the quick finish. BTW I brought a little "thing" back from stitches for you. It's just something really small that I thought might be helpful and interesting to you. Will you be at Kiki's on friday, and until what time? I seem to always miss you when I get there around 7.