Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Olympics Redone

Imagine my husband's horror when he found me surrounded by pieces of graph paper...and my Olympic Sweater no longer in one piece...

The day of the closing ceremonies found me knitting frantically, straight from the detached top of the original sweater onto the body of my even more modified sweater....with a new goal of completing the re-knitting of the body of the sweater by the time the flame went out. What triggered this madness? It was the debut wearing of the Leaf Lace pullover - it kept buckling across the top of my chest, and the neckline was slumping in a most unattractive manner. Did I make it? Yes, yes I did. And the new design is much improved over the first, I think :)

Have a look here and tell me if you do or don't agree :D


Creative Genius? said...

oh i like that much better!!! really really nice!! and you look great in it!

Oiyi said...

Looks great! I actually think that the new neckline is way more flattering.