Monday, March 14, 2005

There's Nothing More Disappointing...

...than coming home from a business trip late on a Friday Night and discovering that your car's battery is dead.

Can you guess how I spent my weekend? Needless to say, it certainly wasn't spent running around doing errands...even tho I managed to get a successful jump on my car Friday night, Saturday morning it refused to do more than "click" when the key was inserted. Sadly, there wasn't anyone around to give me a jump - so I settled for a semi-productive day of laundry, knitting, reading and petting my neglected cats:

they weren't too excited about it.

I suspect the heat is starting to get to them...we had a warm spell move through over the weekend, and usually they are much less loving when it's hot.

Sunday was spent visiting with friends from home who are currently on an extensive roadtrip.

Mariposa is progressing nicely, I've finished the first full pattern repeat and am about to start the next one - just need to do the increases and away I'll go!

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