Friday, March 18, 2005

a Peeps Experiment

Around this time of year, those classic marshmallowy Easter treats start making an appearance...and for some odd reason, I always get drawn in by their sparkly sugary coating and squashy bodies. Even odder, since Peeps now come in all variety of holiday shapes, I am only possessed by this odd urge in the Springtime.

While in college, I conducted the standard variety of Peeps experiments - from submerging them in water and other liquids to see what would happen, to seeing how well they fared after being squashed under textbooks, to microwaving them, to toasting them over a burner...and of course the standard comparison between stale and fresh Peeps in these various situations...I've since graduated to more mundane experiments with Peeps, incorporating them into my culinary repertoire.

Sadly, I took no photos this time, but you can read more about my attempt at Peeps S'mores at my newly created Food Blog. (chalk that creation up to my urge for organization)


Creative Genius? said...

Have you done Peeps Fencing.... Put a toothpick in the mouths of each of two Peeps - then put them facing each other in the microwave for a few seconds and watch them fence - HOURS of entertainment!

PS - A few of us are getting together to knit tonight and have dinner - wanna join?

Sarah said...

You know, if you keep creating blogs, I'm going to set up a whole section in my blogroll just for you. I swear I'll do it!

(You know, that's what blog categories are for.) :)