Wednesday, March 16, 2005

A Little Irish

With St. Patrick's day comin' round the corner, I truly feel lucky!

Why's that you ask? Well, I've been ROAK'd. Had some co-workers from Ireland coming over from across the Pond, and I asked if they could pick me up a ball of yarn - figuring I'd get a 50g ball to play with...well, they got me enough yarn to probably make a proper Aran sweater - 1 kilo, that's right, 1 full kilogram of wool (2.2 lbs, for those of you who might be metric challenged). It's quite lovely :) Now I just need to decide what exactly I want to do with it....First things first though - my lovely yarn is white, so I'll need to decide if I want to change its color. I'll have to swatch it up of course, to see what kind of hand the fabric has...sadly, I find it hard to get enthused about a sweater right now, since the weather is warming up...but it isn't as if I have any lack of projects to keep me entertained in the meantime!

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