Saturday, March 26, 2005

As Promised....

Just in time for Easter...another Peeps Delight - this one is called "Peeps on Poop"

Yeah, yeah, I know. that doesn't sound particularly appetizing. But hey, it has a strange appeal. Just how does one go about making Peeps on Poop? Well, it's quite simple. Take a small plate or dish, add a small pile of chocolate chips - For anywhere from 10-20, top with a Peep, nuke on high power in your microwave for 15 seconds or so...and eat. How do you eat this delight? Well, take the Peep (no longer resembling a Peep, except perhaps by its lovely pastel color and the little brown eyes - be careful, it'll be hot!) mop up the chocolate and eat...If you prefer to go more for a controlled toasting and less mess, put the chocolate on a graham cracker, top with the peep and pop it in the toaster oven....Toaster OVEN folks, not one of those vertical slotted bread warming devices - the mess (and potential fire hazard) that will ensue if you throw a peep and chocolate in a standard toaster leaves me shuddering. Anyway, toast away - but keep your eye on the little bugger, they burn quickly...and eat it like a s'more...mmm....tasty!

Happy Bunny Day!

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Anonymous said...

Love the Peeps recipe. In one of my magazines this month it posed the question "which is the nutritionally sound choice, M&Ms or Peeps?" I was thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed when I read the answer.

I am pleased to report that Peeps is the better choice. So munch on Peep lovers!