Friday, April 24, 2009


With the temps flirting with the low 100's I finally decided to go in and have my hair chopped off.  It's in braids because it's being donated to Locks of Love.  For those that are interested, but don't think you can get your hair out to 10-inches, it looks like the minimum length requirement for Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program is only 8-inches.
I wound up donating somewhere between 10 and 12 inches of hair - I gave the stylist the opportunity to play, with the only requirement being that the hairstyle be easy to maintain and not require much fuss in the morning.  They opted to leave it a little longer than I usually go for, mostly because I've been thinking about doing something interesting with color (yes, apparently they can put color into my hair without totally ruining it (I went to an Aveda salon)) - so we'll see, if by the time I'm up for the next trim I'm also up for the color experiment (we're thinking of hiding the color underneath, so it peeks out and doesn't require as much touching up).  Anyhow, it's much cooler now :) and definitely dries a heck of a lot faster!  Now if I could just remember not to go to bed with my hair does strange things now that it's short when I do that ;)


Oiyi said...

Love the new haircut! I recently got 3 inches chopped off and feel like a new person.

Nikki said...

yay! I chopped my hair off for locks of love once...

your new 'do is quite lovely!