Friday, April 03, 2009

And now, a diversion.

Just a warning - the next few posts may or may not have anything to do with knitting (it depends mostly on how fast I knit on that Whisper Cardi)....

I've given artwork a try in several different media - one form I tried while in college was glass blowing.  While I never did get terribly accomplished, I did manage do develop a fine respect for those who do work with glass, and jumped at the opportunity to go have a look at the Chihuly exibit at my local Botanical Garden.  For those thinking of visiting, you'll need to make advance reservations, and I highly recommend scheduling soon - all the better to avoid the oncoming heat, and also catch the exhibit pieces both while the sun is out and then after dark.  Also, I noticed that my limited photography skills were not that great at capturing the glass and surroundings - best to go see it in person if you can!

We managed to take a bunch of photos....and I admit, I'll be spreading them out over several posts :) A couple of my favorites from one of the areas (next to the succulents, I don't remember of that pavillion has a specific focus or not) were these pieces:

twists and curls - a closeup from this rather large sculpture:

it's like a bunch of grapes...but better somehow :)

These orangy carroty things are a closeup of one of the "chandeliers"
And these look incredibly fluid - like those fabric sock tubes that you sometimes see blowing around at events - they also remind me of flame - a whole bunch of them are found right at the entrance to the botanical garden.


Oiyi said...

Wow, those sculptures are fantastic. That is one thing I never tried in art school. My school had a fantastic glass department.

Kirsten said...

Chihuly is my very favorite artist...EVER! I was fortunate to see one of his exhibits at a botanical garden near us probably 4-5 years ago. Amazing. The colors are unreal.

Did they do any of the exhibit indoors? One section that I loved was a sheet of plexiglass above our heads...covered in random pieces, then lit at ceiling level. It was like being undersea and looking up at coral and fish.

Our botanical garden ended up purchasing a chandelier. There is also a big one (and an installation) at the V&A in London, I believe.

I want to go to Vegas just to see the ceiling in the lobby at the Bellagio.

cayli said...