Monday, April 06, 2009

Flora...and fauna too

Here we are, continuing on with the photographic diversion. All these photos are from the botanical garden - seems the wildflower season for me is going to be a bust this year :( Still getting back in shape with the knee, and my other half has been escaping for some much more difficult hikes of late (2nd manuscript in the works!)

I thought these were really pretty - unfortunately there wasn't any signage nearby so I don't even know what they are. I'm guessing they aren't native, but they sure are lovely!

And I always love the gold poppies when they make an appearance. This patch appears to be primarily Arizona wildflowers - the red things in the background were more glass :) and the bokeh-d stick like things are ocotillos.

This guy was busy trying to impress another bird nearby...I'm amazed my camera managed to even capture him as I was shooting with a wee point and shoot (digital elph). Unfortunately the blue sheen on his plumage seems to have been lost in the capture.

Here he is on his perch atop a saguaro.

Knitting news, I'm on the bottom part of Whisper, so you may see this set from the botanical garden broken up with some kniting ;)

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Pam said...

My guess on the purple and yellow would be pansies or possibly violets of some variety.

I miss the Botanical Gardens...:-(