Friday, June 30, 2006

Ride the Wave!

Oy! the difference a pair of shoes make.... I am still plugging away at my C25k "training" plan. It's been going slowly and steadily, though I keep getting waylaid or stuck on certain weeks (for good reasons - like I got to go on vacation and instead of running, spent the time hiking instead). Anyhow, I had thought that I was doomed to early failure but it seems that my feet and myself have come to an agreement. After various evaluations of my foot strike and various trials, I am happy to report that the shoes I finally settled on, seem to be working out - course, I'm still in the interval training portion of C25k, and haven't run that much in them, but never-the-less, they seem to be doing the trick....what are they? Mizuno Wave Rider 9s :) I'm not so crazy for their looks, but they are light, and my feet luuuurve them. Or they seem to be semi-infatuated at least.

Speaking of running, I am pleased to say I am actually able to run the equivalent of a lap + now. I don't remember the last time I was actually able to successfully run a full lap on a track! It was probably ages and ages ago back when I used to run track in High School! Eek! There is something to be said for coming to the realization that a milestone has been hit :) In theory, the next thing I'll notice is I'll actually be able to run a full *4* laps (or a mile!)...

The early reward for hitting this milestone? (I'm a big fan of rewards ;) ) A fancy schmancy new periwinkle blue...conveniently, it's good for training too. And no, I'm not looking to train for a tri - I don't care what make or model the watch is there will be no tri training here :P . The reward came early because my other watch met an untimely death. I think it got ran over by a car :(

Have a fantastic 4th of July Holiday for those who are celebrating :D

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Raquel said...

"tri"-ing to head me off at the pass, eh?