Friday, June 02, 2006

Caffeine Anyone?

whoops! Perhaps a mite too much caffeine on my part as I accidentally posted a blank post! LOL. I dutifully submitted a bunch of codes for the olympics last winter and while none of it resulted in a "real" prize, I've got enough coupons to be caffeined up on 2 Liters for quite some time. Incidentally I don't drink a whole lot of soda, and I definitely tend not to purchase in the 2 Liter size (I prefer cans...that and the 2 Liters seem to go flat before I can finish them off). Anyhow, anyone in need of a coupon for 5 free 2 Liter bottles of Coca Cola Products? If so, leave me an interesting comment and a way to contact you :) If I get a larger than anticipated response, the names will go into a hat for a random drawing ;)


Susie said...


I never drink pop (that's what people call it in Michigan. I grew up calling it 'soda' in New Jersey.) But my guys...that's a whole different story. I have 'donated' so much money to the CocaCola Corporation that it'd be sweet to be able to get a little bit of it...well, not exactly...'back', per se, but for free? Oh yeah.


Enjay said...

6 am- The kids are up. Open the pantry, reach for the bottle, and don't even bother with a glass. The first taste of sweet, sparkling energy.
9 am- We're going outside. Pushing, pushing, Higher Mommy Higher! Time for a water break. They're swigging theirs down, I hit bottom on my squeeze bottle. I step inside, dabbing at the sweat dripping down my face, glancing at the thermometer. 96f. Ouch. The jug in the fridge has barely a swirl of water left in it, not enough to fill my bottle. Ice won't fit through the too small hole in the squeezy, and the thought of tap water, tepid at it's coldest, has me wrinkling my nose and shaking my head. I fill it with the ice cold caffiene. They won't know.

3 pm- We made it through lunch, and they're collapsed in front of the TV, watching some overly cheerful cartoon girl with a backpack and a monkey so I can get a few moments or peace with my spindle. I was good, I had water (with ice) for lunch, and I reward myself with a glass of well iced, rejuvinating soda.

9 pm- Out with the girls, knitting, comfortable, I feel my eyelids growing heavy, my knitting warm and fuzzy and slowi in g d o w n I refill my soda from the dispensor and knock off a few more rows.

6 am- The kids are up...

Carla said...

I call cold caffeine the necter of the I win?