Friday, June 23, 2006

I've got the Blues

June is slowly winding to an end, and the project spectrum color for the month is blue...

This month I spun up some blue wool...then plied it with a variegated blue chenille yarn, hoping for a wonderful and unique yarn...

I can't say I'm really thrilled with the results. The plying went all unevenly, the chenille was not so happy to be dragged into this project. This skein is aptly named "I've got the Blues."

Also for June, in honor of Project Spectrum and Spin Out, I made up a bunch of little mini batts for those who will be participating.

Desert Daybreak colorway - they have both blue and a bit of purply goodness in there in case people want to hold them til July...Cara took some much nicer photos. If you can't make it to the spin out, you can still participate by donating to Heifer International...and you can win prizes! There's some scuttlebutt about inclement weather, lets all send good weather thoughts to NYC :)

In addition to the spinning, I've also been knitting up some blue-ish colored yarn - I've been playing with a lovely color of Gianna from SWTC. Sorry, no photo - the project is still very much a WIP (and it's a design for a new pattern I'm working on ;) )

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