Tuesday, May 09, 2006

More Knitting!

Have you been to visit PureKnits yet? The SpritelyGoods section has been updated with a bunch of my batts :D You can kinda see em in the photo - unfortunately I had to tilt the screen funny on the laptop so I wouldn't get a horrid bounce from the flash. I usually don't shoot photos with a flash, but I was having absolutely no luck fixing the color balance when I didn't shoot with the flash...Anyhow, you can see one of the current projects laying happily on the keyboard - they are a pair of Jaywalkers...but knit in the Toe-Up fashion (big thanks to Natalia for revising the pattern!) Of course, I didn't check gauge while I was knitting, and had to make a correction around the ball of the foot because they looked dreadfully loose (and I was too lazy to want to rip them back, though that might have been the wiser thing to do)...I think they'll turn out okay. I'm at the gussets now, and will hopefully be headed into the heel turn soon :)

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Emma said...

Oooh, they're going to be so pretty in those colors! Good luck!