Monday, May 01, 2006

Funmail Makes my Mailbox Happy

...well, perhaps not the Mailbox, but it certainly makes *me* happy, anyhow :) Especially when it has original illustrations on it! This box came from Myra as a surprise thank you for participating in a little social experiment. Sadly, I don't draw as well as Myra, so I'm not sharing my pitiful little stick figure drawings.

Inside the fun box were some wonderful things indeed - a lovely postcard from Hawaii (still on my list of places to visit *sigh*), Some tasty Mentos (citrus mango flavor!), a nice little notebook and a fun pen with ink that smells like cola (both put to use already), a handy white out tape for any mistakes I should make with the fun pen, and the best thing of all?

A DIY Pompom kit! I've been rescued from my cardboard templates! Hooray! Thank you so much, Myra, I love it all :D

Now you think my husband would be offended if I smacked a pompom on top of that pirate hat? ;)

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myra said...

So glad it arrived safely!