Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Batt Girl Strikes Again!

A while back, someone I know called me Batt Girl thanks to my productivity over one weekend churning out batts left and right....

...well, it happened again. This is what happens when I get cooped up inside my house with my fiber for a weekend. I had noticed that I was running low on some colors, and I had been meaning to try out some others...and next thing I knew it, the weekend was over, there was fiber everywhere and I had something on the order of 50+ batts piled up in the den. It's madness....but it's all so delicious.

I'm waiting for the sample skeins to dry before photographing them and piling them off to the shop.


eva said...

When I finally get to DC, I am SO totally buying some of your "Moss" batts. I LURV green!

YarnB said...

HAHA Too funny!! How many rooms in your house does your fiber take over now!! Poor hubby!! LOL