Monday, June 01, 2009

Summer Heat

I'm not sure where the time has gone - one moment it was May and the next thing I know it, 100 degree temps are here and June is upon me. Blogging last month was a bit of a disaster, due primarily due to lack of things to discuss - the day to day goings on have been a bit crazy, and the daily grind has well...been grinding on. The good news is I'm engaged and submerged in work, but it's generally left me a bit wrung out. So. Thanks to those of you who pop by :) I appreciate your looking in on my small corner of the internet. While I haven't been doing much in the way of dye-work I have brought in a new designer's portfolio over in the shop. I've also got some pending orders, hoping to beat the TNNA rush in June...stay tuned.

In knitting news, I've officially put Venizia into hibernation - she's apparently been on needles for over a year and I'm positive my gauge has changed....I need to decide if I'll tear back and start again or if I'll appropriate the yarn for another project. The knitting and spinning corner of the house has been re-organized, and I've picked back up with the Miter Squares...I'm at 7 squares and counting...I need quite a few more to make a throw or blanket that will cover the bed. Other projects are still on the needles, but I've been turning to non-charted relatively easy knitting of late. Sometimes the brain just needs simplicity, you know?

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