Wednesday, June 03, 2009


We've finally upgraded one of the computers in the house - it's been a minorly traumatic event, what with getting accustomed to Vista (we couldn't wait for Windows 7) and reinstalling all our apps (not to mention the appearance of the infamous BSOD (blue screen of death) within 24 hours of play). Now that it's all configured and happy, the new machine is much faster than the old P4 that it replaced - no surprise considering it's got a Quad Core Extreme processor inside, more RAM and a significantly better graphics card too.

This was our first foray into a non-branded OEM build - and I'm pretty happy with the results - we ordered the system fully customized - we weren't anticipating the see-through window case but apparently the graphics card is a bit of a monster, forcing us into a wider case to accomodate it.

Now that the desktop has been upgraded, I have to admit to having computer envy (and I tend to neglect my laptop in favor of the desktop when I can). I'm now pondering the replacement of the other home system - tho I'm hoping to hold out until the new OS is available...either that or I might give up and switch platforms. I've also been eyeing some of the new netbooks - any of you have one and care to share your experience?

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