Friday, May 08, 2009


And Shifted.  

I hadn't known about tilt-shift photography until a recent spate of photos in my flickr contacts cued me in.  It's rather neat effect - the above photo is a tilt-shift fake of me at the Wave.  I made it using Tilt-shift Maker. Someone pointed out that it actually looks like I'm a wee mini standing on some sort of wood-grain structure in this photo - with the color pushed, it does remind me of cedar or cinnamon.  


Kirsten said...

Isn't that wild?! I am SO tempted to get a Lens Baby.

Have you seen the Tilt-Shift videos that are your there?

Kirsten said...

I meant to type "out there"...gah, that's what I get for typing while I'm hollering at my kid.