Friday, June 05, 2009

Do you have a discerning eye?

Ever wonder how folks perceive colors in different ways? Perhaps its simply because they have difficulty discriminating between certain colors - this online hue test was quick and easy to take - and it showed me where I have some difficulty telling the difference between certain colors - I forgot to grab a screenshot of my finished "test" and test results, but I think I was probably about average with a score of 11. Different monitors may make it more challenging since the test is web based.


(the other) sprite said...

How fascinating! I got a seven, which surprised me.

Kirsten said...

I got a 4. No surprise...I majored in Photography and color printing was my bag, baby. I worked for several years in a color lab.

I was weakest in green...and my dad is red/green color-blind. But my monitor is also not properly calibrated. Now I have a bug up my butt to do that and retest.