Monday, February 02, 2009

Sunshine and Camoflage

While the winter has been doing some really crazy strange things across the country, it's been nice and sunny for the most part down here in the desert...

I spied my first lizard of the year on my hike today - he's a lot darker than most of the lizards I usually see - but his coloring is perfect for the rocks he's hiding out on.

Seeing as my knee appears to be plateaued in its improvement through physical therapy, I figure I'll be shifting my attention to my general fitness and health - with that in mind, I trundled myself off to the local park for a short walk this morning.

The trail I tackled sees a lot of traffic and unfortunately suffers from poor design that has resulted in significant erosion.

If you look carefully as you walk, you can spot some rock art. This one happens to be well signed, but I know there are other petroglyphs to be found at this park.

I'm suspecting this one isn't real - considering the location of the rock in question and the appearance of the other petrogylphs in the area, this one is simply too distinct and to clean in its appearance. And yes, I do happen to both run and hike in a skirt :) I find it just as modest, and much more comfortable than shorts!

Here's to hoping that a fitness improvement will also drive further healing of my knee :)

Knitting? Yes, but nothing really looks like its making much progress and I'm having a devil of a time capturing an accurate shot of one of the projects on the needles...stay tuned!

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