Friday, February 06, 2009

Motivation.... way of toys.

Yes, this would be my 2nd HRM. My other is a Polar RS200 (red!) - it works fine, the strap is comfortable enough - and I've even got a few special bras that accept the Polar transmitter - these eliminate the need for the strap!

Anyhow, for regular every day wear, I'm a timex girl - and I was forever having to remember how to flip thru the settings of my Polar. Seems Timex is upping their HRM line - this is a Race Trainer model (mens unfortunately, apparently they do have one that looks like a bigger Sleek) - it's obviously built on the Timex platform, and as such, seems a lot more intuitive to me. The extra fun part? it comes with a USB thingy, so I can download my workout stats to my computer and upload it to the timex trainer website...much easier to slice, dice and analyze my data :D I just need to get out and start gathering workout data...

But before I even get to that part, I have to figure out the target zones....any advice? Way way way back when I first injured myself I figured I should try giving the Maffetone method a try, but the target zone is quite low...I did the suggested sub-max step and chair tests....and came up with a MHR of 179 BPM...of course, I can tell you right now that I know my heart beats faster than that...I pegged it out at 189 BPM during a portion of my half marathon last year....suggestions? I intend to start training in Zones 2 & 3 to build my fitness and strength, then I might re-attack C25k depending on what my knee tells me.

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Raquel said...

Use a MHR of 189 and the Karvonen method (HR reserve). You'll need to find your resting HR for that. I usually lie down and meditate for 10 minutes since my HR spikes first thing in the AM due to the silly alarm. I'll e-mail you my spreadsheet. :)

I would suggest limiting your training to Z1/Z2 and stay out of Z3 to build aerobic fitness. Z3 is typically the junk zone. Too slow to effectively build anaerobic and VO2 max yet too fast for aerobic fitness. It will annoy you. You will want to throw yourself in traffic just for some excitement but with a little patience (ok, a lot), it will pay off.