Friday, February 22, 2008


While it's cool out, my hair manages to grow out - I don't ever really realize how long it is - though photos from the half marathon (now available for browsing!) show my rather long ponytail swishing away - I guess that's a good sign, because it wouldn't do that if I wasn't actually jogging!

A browse through the photos show that I apparently left the start line 6 minutes after the gun, so my "official" finish time was approximately 3:01:45. Not a sub three, but I'll take it happily :)

The skeiner and I are on talking terms again - it seems all the issues with that last skein of lace weren't necessarily entirely the skeiners fault. I had to scrap one more skein recently - seems I failed to inspect the skein properly before I dyed it - it seems a bunch of strands were either damaged or cut - I'm certain I didn't cut them in the unpacking process - mostly because the "knife" I use to open boxes isn't sharp enough to cut yarn. Anyhow, that particular skein was entirely unsalvageable and will be cut up and either used as samples or to tie bags shut. The other skeins that had more than their fair share of knots will be listed at a discount in the newly added "Naughty Skein" section of the Shop - if no one takes em, I'll be knitting with them because I don't mind the knots :)


Brooklyn Handspun said...

Go you! Those marathon pictures are great...I think I would drop dead halfway through! I love the naughty skein idea.

Anonymous said...

That is certainly faster than I could have done it! I would still be out on the course :D

You teach those naughty skeins who's boss in your house!