Monday, February 04, 2008

Classic and Glamorous

Since the lighting was no good this weekend and my Fair Isle hat was still damp, I offer you these books in entertainment until I get my photos taken care of.

Another pair of books featuring classic knits and glamour knits - this time for your home instead of for yourself.

Like the first pair of books, these are beautifully photographed hardcover books - with a binding that lays flat quite nicely, stunning glossy photos of the projects up front followed by the pattern pages on matte paper accompanied by monochromatic photos. Each of the lovely photographs is clearly labeled with the page on which to find the appropriate pattern - this makes navigating the book simple, no flipping back and forth between the project photos and the table of contents.

Between the two books are 30 lovely patterns to add something special to your home - with projects ranging from small quick knits (wash mitt, key fob and scented sachets) to medium sized projects such as a lampshade, plant pot cover, and any number of cushions. Of course there are also the larger projects including several beautiful throws.

Both books clearly identify the materials required for each project, along with size and gauge, though no information is readily apparent regarding the difficulty level of any given project. Given that I'm a fearless knitter, I tend not to be overly concerned with some things. Both books feature projects that incorporate knitting along with woven fabrics, allowing the knitting to be used as a special accent showcased on the final product - it also makes for faster projects since not all the components need to be knit!

I've already earmarked several projects out of each book to try, and I'm looking forward to casting on!

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