Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Knitting Progress

Knitting has been going on, just a mite slowly. The Miter Square blanket and the Secret of Chrysopolis lace have been languishing (Still stuck at 3 mitered squares, and the lace has stalled out in favor of easier knitting of late). Frolic has moved onto the couch, having been removed from my carry-all and replaced with a cuff down sock (I'm test knitting a pattern) - I'm currently on the heel flap...the other 2 pairs of socks are making slow progress as well - the reincarnated firestarters are at the beginning of the gusset, and the dark blue socks are also progressing quite nicely.

I'm trying to decide if I want to attempt to lengthen the Scherherazade's Slippers by increasing the number of pattern repeats and various other modifications to make them knee length socks - apparently the original design ends somewhere mid-calf and may result in slightly slouchy socks...we'll see how much yarn I have to play with (I'm knitting both socks at the same time using separate needles and magic loop). Hopefully before long I'll have at least one set of finished socks to share!


Monika said...

I'm loving all the yarns you are using for your WIP's in this picture!

Anonymous said...

Oh noes! It's a UFO atack!