Friday, April 13, 2007

Into the Depths

After the slight detour about food, I return you back to my hiking adventures. I'll have a semi-fiber related post soon, I promise :)

Of course, sandstone not only makes for wonderful and fanciful sculpted buttes and toadstools, it also makes for fantastic slot canyons. This is a photo taken in Buckskin Gulch - this was the first slot canyon I ever did - and from that point we were hooked. It's still as beautiful as ever, with the canyon colors ranging from a warm golden and orange glow to a cool, dark and mysterious grey-brown. There are areas in the Buckskin that serve as strong reminders to the power of water - from giant logs, and full log jams in some cases, wedged firmly many feet in the air - to the "bathtub-ring" high water mark that appeared to be 6-10 feet above the canyon floor.

Definitely worth a visit, if you are so inclined - unlike many other slot canyons I've explored, this one does not require ropework!

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