Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hiking Makes me Hungry.

So it's a good thing that there appear to be snacks on the way...

After checking out the second wave, we decided to go hunt down Melody Arch before swinging back down to the "regular" Wave and the car. Unfortunately, we don't have any photographs of Melody Arch, mostly because it's huge and the lighting was simply not favorable. It is a rather unique formation consisting of a gigantic grotto or basin that has worn through into a pair of arch or window formations.

Incidentally, there really is a feature near the Wave called the Hamburger Rock. And it really does look suspiciously like a Hamburger. Oddly enough, through the window of Melody Arch is a stunning view of the Coyote Buttes Teepees. In the foreground was yet another hamburger, much larger than this one...which admittedly is rather large...


Anyhow, after much nonsense with the Hamburger Rock and poking around the sandstone cliffs, we headed back down to the Wave to find the lighting even more favorable.

In case you'd like to see further evidence of varied shades of sandstone, here's another example taken right near one of the main buttes that forms the Wave formation.


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Ooooooh Chipotle. {drooling}

I love that place and the chicken burrito. I am headed back to the states in July and I am going to demand my burrito refund.

I didn't read the rest of the post. I was too homesick for Chipotle to get past it.