Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy Spring!

Here's to a wonderful spring :)

I'm kicking myself for not bringing my seems I'm actually able to see the Tulip Bloom this year (and judging by the train ride south, the fields are indeed bursting!).

It's a welcome break from the drought stricken desert southwest - it seems in Europe the Daffodils are blooming in crazy disarray it seems, bringing bright splotches of yellow to the landscape.

Happy Spring!


Raquel said...

In Europe without a camera???? Sheesh girl, I know it's a business trip but come on! :p

Chris said...

Darn you and your lack of camera! I bought a little Cannon Elph last summer, and now I carry it EVERYWHERE! You never know when a good photo op will come up! I wanted to see tulips and chocolate!!!