Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bread, Cheese and Chocolate.

And the beer isn't half bad either!

While Raquel reminds me that being in Europe sans camera is just plain wrong, I have to admit I simply wasn't thinking about it while packing my bags as I really didn't anticipate having much time for site seeing...

...and I haven't. Though I have had some time to check out some lovely bakeries and chocolatiers. Of course I had to taste the wine, beer and cheese while I was at it.

If ever you make your way to Antwerp, I say forget the diamonds and pay a visit to gaze at the chocolate creations of Mr. Burie - the window of his shop is chock full of Easter bunnies and decadent chocolate eggs right now. And just down the street, queue yourself in the line at Bakkerij Goossens, the oldest bakery in town. As for beer, there are plenty of microbrews over here, and entire shops dedicated to the really is too bad about the 3 oz liquid restrictions on plane flights!

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