Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Stash Flash

Well then, in honor of Project Spectrum, I'm offering up a stash flash of my blue yarns - the sick thing is this isn't all of it - I have lots of multiples, and I have piles of white/ecru yarn and I'm currently working my way through a grey cone as I knit up Avast. Keep in mind, all that there yarn is personal yarn - and does not include the shop inventory! As you can imagine, I'm working on a self imposed yarn diet. I think I might even have yarns that fit the bill for each of the Project Spectrum triads!

1 comment:

K~ said...

Hi Stephanie, I had to laugh at your stash of "just the blue yarn, and that's not all" I have quite a collection going myself! I know remember where I got your blog info from. I googles for free turtle patterns. I got Jacques the sea turtle - still haven't done made it. I then must have seen your blog info. It was right around the time I started to blog. So there you have it. K~