Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I heart Wool

Wool is Wonderful.
But we knitters knew that already. A while back, I was reading Janet's Blog and she was mulling over the wonders of wool, while also celebrating her third year knitting. Indeed, wool is a wonderful fiber - and there are many reasons - go read Janet's summary :D

Just for reading (and participating) I lucked out and I recently received a wee knitted gift celebrating wool from Janet.

See? Isn't it great? It's a bright and cheery felted potholder - I love the contrasting edging, and how well it matched the tissue she wrapped it in :) Janet has the most wonderful vintage photos that she posts periodically on her site - and this one she made into a card - it's so sweet! Included with my wonderfully woolly potholder (works perfectly - I used it to fetch the pans of cookies out of the oven over the weekend) and the sweet card, Janet also sent along a matching retractable chicken tape measure - the tape pull is an egg!

Thanks Janet, I love handmade surprises!


K~ said...

Very nice. I am hoping to do a felted swatch afghan from a felted pot holder idea i read about once. This just reminded me that I want to start that! K~

Twisted Knitter said...

You're welcome, Stephanie, and thank you for reading and participating. I love your photo of the goodies!

(That tape measure *ALMOST* didn't want to make it into the package! LOL! I think I'll just have to get one for myself)