Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Four Things...

...that I thought I would never see on my shopping list:

-pink technical shirt (check)
-pink running skirt (check)
-pink running socks (check, sorry, forgot to grab em for the photo - they match the tank)
-tiara (double check*)

That's right, a kind friend (or perhaps that should say fiend) donated the remaining difference to hit my $750 fundraising target. I had to go find a Tiara in addition to my pink running outfit. (Just because the target has been hit, please do donate if you'd still like to - the donations are tax deductible and benefit a great cause).

Training is going alright, and I believe I'm hooked - I'm now running 28 minutes continuously though still a fair bit of mileage short of the 5k distance (because my pace is so slow ;) ).

*As for the Tiara I have several options - I did go shopping and was *amazed* at the selection out there. The first one was vetoed by DH as it looked "too much like a hairband" - then I bought the one in the photo and then a friend took pity on me and brought me one she had to wear to a wedding - it is one of the comb variety and looks like little flowers are growing on my head (I need to take a photo). I was also thinking I might make a "knit" one, fully embellished, of course, from this pattern - though now that I have actually purchased a Tiara, I may forgo the knitting ones, unless I decide to make it a part of regular race-wear ;) (people tell me that racing is addictive)

Here's my "little princess" modeling the tiara (so you can see it much better than in the photo with all the pink). She looks about as silly as I do while wearing it.


Cathi said...

Love it- I have wanted one of those skirts for a very long will post a pic of you, race day, right?

Anonymous said...

I hope you have pink shoes too!