Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Lack of Fiberly Pursuits

Well, work has got me in a slump. But perhaps you all have noticed...especially since I've been dreadfully remiss in updating my blog!

I seem to have recently fallen back into reading - mostly a wide variety of escapist reading...every now and again I work on a crochet project...but I've discovered that crochet seems to aggravate tendonitis in my hand. If I'm not reading or crocheting, I've actually found myself determined to completely fill my spindle so I can get to plying. It has to be close - it seems I've only got a few millimeters of unoccupied space before the spun yarn is flush with the edge of the whorl - the spindle still spins fine, and the accumulated fiber is not threatening to slide off the spindle shaft, so I guess I still have some more yarn to spin before I'm "officially" done. Interestingly enough, I've nothing on knitting needles at this time! How odd!

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Luscious Gracious said...

Blah, slumps! What is up with that? I feel your pain.