Thursday, July 21, 2005

Socklets or full Socks?

I've got some Sock weight Karaoke I'm evaluating - I've cast on for a pair of socks (whoo hoo - two socks on two circs!) photos, because there isn't much to look at yet - I've cast on using the Pom Squad Toe-up anklet pattern...but I'm not certain what I think about wool-silk anklet socks - I guess I can just keep right on knitting the leg of the socks if I don't want anklets - these will be my first socks, so I'm not sure how sound that logic is.

Then again, if I knit just the anklets, I might have just enough yarn for two pair....maybe.

What do you guys think?


Maryellen said...


Go with the anklets. Well, I always go with anklets as I have big legs. I use country classics dye as everything you need is in the jar so I don't have to mess with other chemicals. If you do a great deal of dyeing they can get really expensive but I just dabble a bit so... I've use cushing dyes and several others whose names escape me at the moment. Toninght at 3 I'll remember and log back on to tell you. And use fiber art sucks you in and keeps you but it's healtier say then crack. But non fiber people just don't get it. There idiots!

Chris said...

I'm thinking about knitting these split-toe ankle socks:

My first pair were full socks though. Which do you think that you will wear more? Do you wear anklet socks now?