Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Get yer Party Clothes On!

Once again, I find myself lacking small human models, so I have to resort to dressing my stuffed animals. Behold, my Butter Cream Vermont Teddy Bear, all dressed and ready to party in an Anouk destined for a friend. If I could just size it down, it would make an adorable frock for Skimima. For the details, and a shot of just the pinafore, go here.


Jan said...

I think this may be the nicest Anouk I've seen yet. Kudos!

Bethany said...

Very pretty! If I ever knitted anything but dishcloths and scarves your pictures would totally tempt me to try this. Hmmm... maybe I could make a crocheted version.

Chris said...

This came out really nice.