Saturday, February 27, 2010

Getting Close....

My cat likes to keep track of my knitting and ensuring that it doesn't go anywhere....I had to wrestle the sleeves from her to throw them in the sink:

Witness, the Olympic Sweater in the sink with a splash of Soak Aquae. Apparently I need a larger sink because I couldn't get the whole sweater submerged...but I was too lazy to give the kitchen sink a good scrubbing....and the bathtub seemed like overkill.

With notes and measuring tape in hand, I blocked the body out to size...

And then I tackled the sleeves. And if you're thinking "boy, those sleeves sure look long"! you know why I don't knit too many sweaters for my husband ;)

Seaming is reserved for Sunday, as all the pieces need to be properly dry before hand...we'll see how long I wait before starting as finishing has never been my favorite part of sweater knitting...which would be why I opt for seamless as much as possible ;)

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Abby said...

What a cute kitty! And sweater-to-be! When the sink is too small for blocking, I resort to the washing machine. Added bonus: the spin cycle! Just don't let it agitate.