Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Not Everything... the desert has spines.

Before spotting this lichen, I had no idea it could appear in blue. Most lichens I have ever spotted have been green, or yellow, or brown...but never before have I seen blue. Of course we had to snap a photo :)

Surprisingly, to me anyhow (when I first arrived out here), there are a number of grasses in the desert as well. They tend to sprout up quickly, covering the landscape in green, but then quickly mature and dry - unfortunately providing lots of fuel for wildfire season. I still find them pretty though, even in their dried/dormant state.

In case you're wondering whats up with the macro photos, we got a new lens over the holidays and are busy trying it out :D There are only so many photos of the cats I can post (or that they will tolerate me taking), and I thought you might find these a nice change of pace.

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