Friday, October 02, 2009

Seasonal change

Happy Belated Atumnal Equinox! I guess time flies when I'm running around like a crazed woman ;) I guess I had a break long enough to go for a color change - this time, I've gone with Red (I was going to go with Red and Orange, but they didn't have any orange on hand) - something bold and much more obvious for the Autumn. I love the bright hue, but am not convinced I'll continue to keep it up after this round. Maintenance is easy enough, and I did get a full three months out of the blue and purple...I guess we'll see in another three months :)


Kirsten said...

I have always wanted to do something like that with my hair! One of these days I should. It looks so perfect with poker-straight hair, which is what I've got. I normally loathe it.

Mel said...

After I saw you the other day I thought that the colors had changed but I wasn't sure... I like it! Hot pink looks great.

Sarah said...

I hope your red lasts longer than mine ever did! I got about 3 weeks worth and then it was down to the orange-ish color that my hair had been bleached to in order for the red to show!

Looks good!