Friday, October 30, 2009

The City that Never Sleeps

Yikes! After about a month of nonstop craziness at work and a whirlwind trip to the City that Never Sleeps, I find I'm crazy exhausted and apparently have managed to neglect my blog for an entire month. Not that I didn't have things queued, because I did...I just never managed to get to adding the text to the photos!

Ah well - any idea where I disappeared off to? I did lots and lots of walking and wandered by the above building - it's probably hard to figure out what it is since it's not one of the more recognizable perspectives - most people take their photo from much further away - or from a higher angle, so as to get its distinctive roofline. It's the Chrysler Building :) I had a chance to visit with some relatives and meet up with some friends for a huge celebration over the weekend.

In addition to visiting and merry making, I wandered around town, ogled the buildings (some of the buildings in NYC are wonderfully ornate), freaked myself out by wandering through the crowds in Times Square, caught a musical off Broadway, and (old news) watched the Yankees qualify for the World Series. My BIL & SIL treated me to a game - they are season ticket holders - while I'm not one for baseball, there is something to be said about watching a game *in person* surrounded by crazy fans.

...all that and I even braved the subway, with no issues...until the last day on my way back to the airport! Folks were kind enough to confirm my revised travel plans once I figured out that things were going awry and I made it to JFK with enough time to clear security and get a coffee before reporting to my gate for boarding. *whew*!

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