Friday, July 03, 2009

So... about that jumpity

Well, unlike last year, I actually remembered to bring my camera to TNNA. As the camera is not allowed on the show floor, I mostly forgot I had it with me - and then simply felt awkward asking people if I could snap photos with them. So the only photo I have is the jumpity in the hotel room - how undignified ;)

I shared a room with Marie and we meet some great folks this year and bumped into some of the knitterati again. Amy and Jillian from Knitty, Julia and Kate from Twist Collective, Cookie A (who has a new book coming out soon), Anne Hanson, Guido, the Ravelry Crew, Miriam, Laura, Janel (whose next book is due out soon, and the patterns look just as wonderfully original as in her first book - go to her blog to check previews)

We of course went to North Market and the short north district to partake several times of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. And they are indeed splendid - if ever you are in Columbus, you should make sure to get some :)

While I did enjoy seeing all the yarn and knitting goodies, I had the best time meeting with and connecting with all the people - it's always a good time - though I find now I'm pining for reasons to find myself in Portland in time for Sock Summit, even though I know the classes are all sold out!

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