Monday, March 10, 2008

Books. and knitting. but mostly books.

And not books of the standard variety either. Don't forget to email me about the Little Cakes book if you're interested in being included on the Contest!

I've been knitting - not much, but some - to the left is all that I can show you of that sock that I test knit (it's done)...the firestarters and Scherherazade's Slippers are still progressing - I'm almost done with the gussets again on the firestarters...and I'm at about the same place on the Scherherazade slippers. I still plan on making those "slippers" as long as possible, but I will be needing to sit down with some graph paper to see if I can figure out if adding a pattern repeat will be a simple "no brainer" or not...these days, my brain is short on computing power...I blame it on the Books.

No, I don't mean the lovely books that you can read and enjoy, or those with gorgeous photos that provide inspiration - I mean the Serious Books - the ledgers. The finances. Those Books. I've been spending the weekends transferring my semi-manual accounting system into Quickbooks and I think it's taking its toll - nothing like mundane data entry and rounding errors and troubleshooting of said rounding errors to cause a brain to look forward to some restful knitting! I'm hoping to be fully converted soon - hopefully before this weekend - I have some dyeing to do...


Anonymous said...

That sneak peek is so cool! It looks like a pineapple or a pine cone, definately something of the pine variety

eva said...

Getting everything transferred is a pain in the arse, but once you get it done... aahhh! (says my totally nerdy, spreadsheet-lovin' self)