Friday, December 28, 2007

A Happy Holiday

I hope you all had a fantastic and festive holiday week/weekend - in addition to fantastic food and relaxation with the kitties, I got plenty of knitting done. My little teeny tree has a new topper - it's a sheep - isn't it cute? It wasn't intended as a topper, though my tree really is teeny - as in it only stands about 2 feet tall, so it simply wouldn't do as an ornament - a little bit of finagling and it perches quite happily right on top. I love it.

Excitement (other than the knitting) over the weekend included spotting some llamas (incidentally, if I had a proper yard and someplace to take them during the summer, I could have had a llama for christmas ;) ) and also spotting a small owl - unfortunately, I didn't have a camera with me, so no llama photos or owl photos are available.

Stay tuned, knitting & fiber content coming soon :D

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Oiyi said...

The little sheep is a perfect tree topper.