Thursday, March 26, 2009

Slipped and Cabled

...sometimes I feel slipped and cabled what with all the goings on LOL

Happy Spring :) I think I forgot to pop in on the Equinox!
Unfortunately, I havent been having much luck with finding wildflowers out here in the desert - I'm hoping the wildflower season didn't just pass us by this year.  

YIP 365.68 Happy Spring!

I spied these daffodils at the local grocery and thought they looked incredibly happy and spring-like :)  I've also managed to finish off another pair of socks - these are much more bright, riotous and girly than the last pair....the pattern is formed by slipping and then cabling some stitches.

Of course, as usual, there is more information over here 


Nikki said...

I love daffodils!! they "are" spring to me in so many ways...

and those socks are just lovely!!

Letoya said...

Ok so I'm still on the toe of my socks. What's my excuse? I got distracted by your pretty daffodils. HEHE!