Saturday, March 21, 2009

Around and around....

And now, a diversion while I finish going round and round on the socks on the needles...

There is a hooping bug going round amongst my Flickr friends...and it looks like a fun way to get a core workout...way better than crunches and planks anyhow :)

So I gave in and got myself some dvds and a hoop:

Curiously enough, the hoop ships just like this from the place I got it - just wrapped in bubble wrap...and a postage label. The people at the post office gave me the strangest looks when I went to pick it up. I gleefully grabbed it and dashed off for home to give it a whirl.

Incidentally, I am able to get my heart rate up into the very low end of my training zone by hooping continuously - this evening I managed to learn how to go both directions, but I still drop the hoop a fair bit. Groovelectric podcasts for running work real well for hooping too ;)

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Nikki said...

how fun! it's so cute too