Wednesday, August 06, 2008

there's always room for dessert.

If you seem to always have room for dessert as I do, or wonder what the fascination is with sweets, you may enjoy this book: The Taste of Sweet: Our Complicated Love Affair with Our Favorite Treats. A fun, relatively quick read (unless you keep getting distracted by bringing your knitting to bed like I did), it provides a glimpse into the science and history of Sweet.

Incidentally, now that I'm finished reading my copy, I'll happily offer it up those of you who are interested (US only please, I'll post it off via media mail) - if there are more than one of you, I'll trot out the old random number generator. You have until the end of next week (August 18) to express your interest :)


Eva said...

I'd love to read it, and I'll happily pay it forward. 'Big wheel, big wheel, spin!' (That would be the random number generator.)

Oiyi said...

What a great idea to pass along a book! Count me in, too.