Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Bag Lady

I adore bags of all varieties, though it seems of late, I prefer larger bags that I can cram a bunch of stuff (including my knitting!) into - I was really excited to receive a review copy of Simply Sublime Bags (due for release next Tuesday - though you can pre-order it now!)

The book is nicely put together, and includes 30 different projects - some requiring no sewing, others that require just some hand stitching, and others that use simple stitching on your sewing machine. Projects vary from very easy level 1 up on through "Project Runway - here I come" level 5. The stitching and levels are easily identified by small icons on each project page. While a number of the projects use materials and fabrics all found in fabric store (as I would expect in a sewing book) this one also includes some projects showing you how to recycle and re-purpose other goods and turn them into great accessories. Several of the projects use materials I would never have thought of using (like a shiny mylar bubble envelope), and I've found lots of inspiration flipping through the pages.

I should note that several of the projects make creative use out of packing and duct tape - while these may work fine in some regions of the world, I'll have to find some other options if I want to make those projects - simply because the adhesives have a tendency to melt and goo up everything down here in the land of 110+ degree days.

Seeing as there are actually days during the heat of the summer where I can't be bothered with wool, this book will be sure to keep me entertained. From little pouches, to clutches, to purses, to totes and messenger bags, this book has inspiration and instructions for it all. If you're as into crafty bags as I am, I definitely recommend a look-through!

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cayli said...

Thanks for the review. I love cute bags but I am usually scared of tons of sewing. This sounds like it might work.