Thursday, July 26, 2007

OPK, pehaps something to queue?

Bladmönstrad sjal
Originally uploaded by Queen Mudd
This gorgeous shawl, knit by Queen Mudd has had me intrigued since I set eyes on it. It's just stunning. It's designed by a swedish designer, and the pattern can be purchased (not downloadable) either from the designer directly or from Helylle an online yarnshop in Sweden...the hangup? I hate to admit it, but it's the price. approximately $33. Just for the pattern. I may very well cave, but I'm definitely sleeping on it - my knitting queue is somewhat ridiculous and while I adore knitting lace, I still rarely wear it!

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Paula said...

I'd heard about the $33 shawl, but hadn't seen it until now. You know what? I don't quite like it. That is, I love all the parts, but I don't think they combine well. Especially, the gorgeous border looks very organic to me, but then you have that geometric main section leading to it instead of something with a leafier, twiggier feel. I like the idea of the column down the center, and it's not awful with the border, but not fantastic either - and it also doesn't go well with the geometric section.