Sunday, September 18, 2005

Celebrating the Harvest Moon

And my lunar birthday! I was born on the same day as the harvest moon in the Chinese calendar - and as such, I mark the date with the Mooncake festival every year :) I am partial to yolk free mooncakes, even though they are not considered as auspicious as those with yolks inside. This year I couldn't decide between Mung Bean cakes or Lotus Seed I bought a box of each. Yum!

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Oiyi said...

The yolk is the best part! This year I splurged and bought the 3 yolk mooncakes. Isn't it funny how much more expensive it is to have yolks in them?
Having 3 yolks in one mooncake is so decadent! Plus, this way, no one has to fight over the yolk part.