Monday, April 05, 2010

Outdoor Exploration

The weather here is beautiful, though rapidly heating up. We've been spending some time outdoors enjoying the weather...

The Young Miss of the house sits nicely for a Portrait

The cats have been joining us outside while we try to take on weed control (at least picking weeds out of gravel/sand/crushed rock seems to be much easier than pulling em out of dirt like I did while growning up)

"Hey" she says, "You're not going to be happy when you see what Troy is doing"

And just what is our wee one doing?

Indulging. In a dirt/dead leaf bath. And he couldn't possibly be more pleased with himself. Sorry for the slightly blurry photo - he wouldn't stop rolling about. Not even when I tried to clean him off before letting him back into the house. Apparently this cat is statically charged for maximum dirt attraction!

Stay tuned, I've got a project fresh off the needles, with another closing fast :)

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Oiyi said...

She has gorgeous striping!